“Moving Waters”

Standing, facing the Lagos Lagoon,

Drawn am I to the moving waters

Fascinated by its artwork of

Waves, patterns, circles and waterspout.

Moving waters

With healthy green leaves and the lucent blue sky above,

With white birds marching across the water beneath.

Moving waters

Flowing across the Eko bridge, ‘pan’ houses, UNILAG barricade,

Cooperating moving waters

Transporting dead leaves, human waste

Fishing boats and humans

Casting nets, pulling out fishes, sea creatures.

Moving waters creating ‘Adire’ like designs

Musical moving waters

Rhyming with the wind.

Wavy moving waters

With big trees by the side.

Can beautiful define these waters?


Drum music is playing on my roof. That’s

Moving waters dropping from the sky.

Moving waters splatter, shower

‘Drip drop, Drip drop’

‘Shhhh hhhh hhhsss’

‘Brrrrrrr rrrr rrhhh’

Moving waters with the rumbling ally

Moving waters with electrical sensation

Moving waters that fills up the buckets and overflow

Washes the roof, window nets, dust particles, sand remains

Moving waters with wind, the natural air conditioner.

Dark cloud birth moving waters

Moving waters like pointillism art.

Moving waters soothing so

The noise in my head quietens.

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