My life


Waking up everyday to realize
that it is real,
the fact that I won’t walk again
not today, not ever.

I remember that day like yesterday.
Using my headphones, smiling to the
text message on my phone,
crossing the road. That’s all I remember.
I open my eyes, my vision is blur.
There are people gathering around me
People screaming,
People pointing,
People wailing,
People sighing,
then everything suddenly goes black.

Opening my eyes, I find myself
on a hospital bed, the doctor beside
me and my parents crying.
I look down at myself,
Where are my legs?

From that day,
I always pray and wish that
I’ll wake up with legs.
I never actually appreciated my legs
until I was introduced to a wheelchair.
I guess you don’t know what you have
until you lose it, huh?

It’s been two years
that incident happened.
I’ve learnt to adapt without legs.
Yes, it’s difficult,
the stares,
the questions,
the pitiful comments,
the frustration
But I know, this is life
and I either live it to the fullest
Or I do not.

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