My Love, My Soul – Verses Unknown to Him

I know it’s pitch dark your soft soul has become,

I feel your pain to its very end,

Your pains are endless I feel

I feel your loss, the aches in your tears-

That shed for your demised father,

I feel the every nick of it,

Every nick of the painful you,

Every second as it pass by I deeply do.

Am sleepless to think about you and your darkness

You don’t smile now neither do I

But I cry when the smiling face of yours strikes my heart hard.

I couldn’t express what I feel for you,

But I just feel, it’s just you I feel.

No wonder that am your soulmate, yours only soulmate.

I don’t long to be your moonlight in your darkness,

All I long is to hold your hands in it and never let them go.

I don’t need you to see me in the dark,

But I yearn that you could feel me alive in you in the dark.

If can’t I hold your hands in your dark days,

Then let me be the air you breathe in the darkness.

I don’t want to wipe your tears when you cry,

But I long to hold your cheeks and kiss your forehead,

And place your delicate head on my arms,

So that you can cry out completely, not alone but to me.

I don’t want to stop your sufferings and pains, ‘cause I know I can’t,

But I long to, that you share them all to me,

‘cause I just can’t let my other part of the soul suffer alone,

Let me too suffer along with it, let me suffer along with you, my love.

So share it all with me, let’s suffer and take this together.

You are my soul, my love, my life, my everything

You are my something, you are me

You are mine, only mine.

Hell or heaven, demons or gods,

Let them all fear the truth that you are mine.

Whatever miseries life causes you, just remember-

There’s always a soul to love you,

Am your soul, and I’ll love you unconditionally no matter what.

Dear love, am there for you to love you in your worst

And to care you at your best,

Remember am always there, always there in your heart.

We aren’t together now, yet when you mourn-

my heart shed its tears too

I don’t want to feel helpless, I wish to be your healing heart.

Not only my untold dream, you have become-

the reason and purpose of my living too.

The most beautiful reason like my dream is to live for is you.

I can’t find verses to console your broken heart

But, I myself want to be your lovely console.

I’ve no idea, how I feel right now, right this very second,

All I feel is just you, only you, your darkness, your everything,

My love, you are my love,

Am not goin’ to let you take this all alone,

Am goin’ to have your pains shared with me,

Let me cry along with you,

Also, let me die along with you

I feel exactly the same way you feel for your father.

I feel you, your cries or aches; you may not know

Am in my darkest days too as you are in it

Am drowned too, because you are drowned.

The only thing that I long to do is to hug you soothingly and whisper –

In your ears, “You have me and I love you… I love you forever…”

There are past days that I’ve longed to be in your arms,

But now I long to take you into my arms and never let you go,

I know, my lovely soft hug will make you feel better.

If you breathe sufferings, then let me breathe them too, along with you,

If you are about to die, then let me die too, along with you,

Because ‘I love you.’

No. I won’t let you die,

Death can’t claim you from me,

Let the death itself die, if it ever tries-

To touch my only love,

I’ll make the death suffer if it ever tries to

Death is normal I know, but not –

When it comes to my only love.

If it has to take you, then let it take me along with you.

My love, know that my drunken verses are powerful and true,

And my soul is dead if it is without you.




















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