Nature’s Way

Nature’s way                                                               

When the leaves dance

And the chilling breeze flows by

Gazing at the sun rise

As I look upon the bright blue sky


A new day arrives

The birds start chirping

And the day turns brighter

As the river starts glistening


As the trees start to sway

The more nature grows

And the way the water flows

The way the plants sway


It is nature’s ways

The lush green grass, with rocks as old as time

As time flies by

 The tides grow high


As the sky gets darker

The celestial Moon starts to emerge

As silver rays of Moonlight, glisten of the calm water

Nature comes in its own way


We should keep it this way

When the trees start to decrease

The danger of life in water have increased

The atmosphere around turns gloomy


Nature grows in its own way

We must keep it, this way

A wise decision should be made

Nature’s beauty should not fade.

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