No Matter What Happens

I remember a time when every day was ours
The world one big screentest and you played the song
The days slept away, we played with the stars
The nights were long, we drank in the bars
The years past by, we had no care,
No thought for the future or how we’d get there
With just our dreams, no thought for fear
The path wide open, the way was clear, and though
We have to grow older, and all things must change
They don’t always have to end
Because even though things become different maybe
That’s just where everything starts to begin
No matter what happens I’ll always be there
The path became rugged, the way unsure
When hardship comes it’s ours to share
Darkest of nights, and mornings to bare
No matter what happens, you know I’ll always be there

Some lose there way in the mist so grey,
Misfortune can breed confusion and bonds then fray
That lot is not ours to collect and all I can say
No matter what happens I’ll always be there
If you would just stay

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