Not Long Before I’m There

I’ve been silent for far too long.


For the right time, the right words.

Thinking that one day,

I’ll matter enough to speak

Not realizing

I won’t ever matter

Unless I speak.


Something deep inside me

Tells me every now and then

That it’s okay to feel scared

Trying to find my voice.

I keep reminding myself

That without my voice,

The world will be the same —

But I don’t want this same unfair world!

My voice holds power,

The power to change.


I’m a few steps in,

Yet a step or two too far;

But not long before I’m there.

Not long before I’m there.


And when I am brave enough,

I’ll still be a nervous wreck —

But just brave enough, nonetheless.

So when I speak out loud,

I will matter.

I will matter, 

To myself, and to you.


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