Notes on Modern Life IV

I had major mojo
when I lived in Asia

They called me Felix Felicis
marveled how I turned my
luck liquid

Back in Los Angeles it continued
whole lakes of luck

that got sucked down a drain
or the sun breathed and boiled it
into some lesson

— no apparent reason

Why? I asked my friend Ken
who held three plants three ways in each hand

Perhaps you have offended some god, he said

In Asia there are many gods, I explained
so easy to crush a sidewalk offering beneath
your flip flops

there are legions of successful men
who offend gods for a living

Maybe I should join them

You don’t have the constitution for it
but go ahead
the gods need a good laugh

How do I make amends?

He told me a story about traveling to a new land
where no one knows my name

I protested
Let me deal with the neighborhood gods!

No, he explained, it does not work that way

Gods exist in other times and places
The one that is before you is behind you
living in another world he has long forgotten

You must do this to affect that
The road to your heaven is not straight or narrow
it is spiral or maybe there is no road

rather a vapor trail stitched
across your eye

In the end
the gods want one thing and one thing only
from you

You have to surprise yourself

What are you looking for?