Nunaup Kajjinga – 90.0000° N, 135.0000° W

gyre gyre gyre

your great white hungers drowning

a long dark sleep

constantly hovering in you

between your cyclical comings and goings

fracturing and refracturing

cracking and sealing and cracking again

as if pain were music

katabasis anabasis

katabasis, anabasis

katabasis; anabasis

interrupted by growing silences

fermatas become stigmatas

our stains spread


pale ouroboros’ circumambulation

your wound’s been found

no grail can heal it, no philosopher stone can fill it

once a hole just big enough to breathe through but not enough to escape

now a deep well

soon a sea within a sea

each exhalation is bigger than the last inhalation

this can’t continue

this desecrated benediction

transpiration, evaporation, condensation, precipitation, sublimation

the ragged skin pulls loose sheds and falls unbearable




capable of gestating infinity

silent until you cracked

flat until you buckled

what you caught you rarely released

from your crushing embraces


your grip’s too weak to hang on

if voids could scream


our light’s occulted

a dark alchemy of evil perspires


nigredo melanosis blackness

undifferentiated unawareness

the ever-deepening descent into the unconscious

melancholia’s moment of maximum despair

a painful growing awareness of the shadow

waiting for a sudden illumination from above

escalating confrontations standstills indecisions inactions

numbing hysteria

dead balance


albedo leucosis whiteness

wash away our impurities

enlighten our prima materia

always divided by two opposing principles in all ways

anima animus

anima animus

anima animus

unity of opposites



the end of the lesser work, spiritualizing the body, never comes

our poison’s too great

too much, too fast, too strong, too hot

paradise stays lost


cinitras xanthosis yellowness

transmute silver into gold

bite down hard, swallow your riches, and kill us all

there’ll be no emergence of the solar light

no rising of the golden dawn

no rendering the reflective lunar light unnecessary

soon it will all be unnecessary


rubedo iosis redness

whiten the red and redden the white

rose, blood, red robe, king

the raven births a dove bursts a phoenix

all consumed by fire

this reddening process stillborn

the one we hoped could never be reversed

was never fully initiated

our true nature’s not what we thought it was

reunification’s impossible

there will be no alchemical salvation

only catastrophe

another deluge is coming

this time of our own making


i see your skin’s thinning rapidly

something’s opened up in you

and the gap keeps widening

the skull cap of the world comes off

the great work is undone

this is our magnum opus

turning stasis into metastasis

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