From the dawn of time,
She has found her role amongst mankind.
And like oil in a working mechanism,
She is the backbone of her team.

Ambitions and desires she has, stored in her heart,
finding expression in health care.
Purpose and position before her, they lay
leading the way.

She is a fighter, ready always for battle,
She’s an advocate, speaker for the aphonic.
She’s a believer, whose optimism cannot wane,
And on bitingly cold nights, she’d stay if you needed her.

She’s a nurse.

She has : a heart that other’s burden bear.
: precious hands by which she does care.
: the zeal of a diligent worker, privileged to partake in the fixing of man’s broken parts.
And therefore her service is: the oldest of all arts, and the youngest of all professions,

She’s, only, a nurse.

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