When time wants you to step back from

Your decisions

Be always quite like a cedar

In your vision

By raising storey on storey

Your convictions

So that success moves in the cog

Of your mission

While nothing can take in hostage

Your horizon.


To be succeed you must know how

To guide yourself,

To guide yourself well you must get


To get orientated you have

To leave some things:

Who wants to give up can deny

To resign clean;

Who knows when to resign awakes

His dignity.


So as to pass to victory

From your battles

You must offset desapointment

To drive well

Your devotion till the history

Which fits you best.

Life always obeys and respects

all that we wish

When we want to be architects

Of our destiny.









Nature is just the source where we  draw resources

In order to enjoy our days in their courses.

So environment can let us keep the blue

Of life sky without immigration rescue.



As there is no struggle about survival

Which can come close without ecology approval.

Degrading the climate is dragging man’s confort

Along the destruction without escort.



The land and the climate are depositary

Of all that existence has as necessary.

Without their protection alas from this day

Things will dessapoint us on our destiny’s way.






        Our mission



We are here  just to act so that we can shade

Humanity by all our feats;

Enjoying life means fighting to never let fade

Ideals where man’s rights take its seats.


It’s true, with the dreadful mask of the racism

They want to conceal brorherly

Standing for nation through selfishness, hate and schism

 At  th’ expense of humanity;


But, realizing that strength gets its insurance

From union of diversity

They will note that the things that make our differences

Are clean a gain through unity :


We were born to protect the gears of justice

And moral to save probity,

And in these days love is the only sacrifice

Which can secure our dignity.


 (..) Plunging aggression in humanitarian acts

Peace will become our company

And love could make its scene all over the facts

Which spread harm through our destiny.

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