Only the Beginning

To every lost and tortured soul,

I’ve seen the pain that consumes the mind.

I’ve heard those desperate cries.

I’ve sat in silence – wondering why?

The sound of glass – shattering upon the floor:

Oh, how It was once clean before.

Do you reminisce like I do?

Hearing those desperate cries?

Do you feel – pain:

 The loss –

Do you simply – move on?

I wonder what it must be like;

If it was better to have loved and lost –

Or,  were they wrong?

Perhaps it was better – to never have loved at all.

The shame that haunts us.

Our cries of loneliness –


And for what once was.

I hope that I can find the line – connecting the dots.

That silver line – guiding me to the place I once loved;

or will love.

To the names – and faces

Of people in places,

I travel to the road of the unknown,

To the past that will haunt – but not torture.

I shan’t be the darkness of my own disaster –

I shall be the light.

I refuse to be a shadow among my memories.

I will not let them consume me.

Prepare yourself darling –  it’s not a tragedy,

as though it may seem.

It’s not a tragedy –

It’s only the beginning.

What are you looking for?