Orbital Perspective

Isn’t it pretty? The neutron star collapsing, balancing
over the black ocean. And our dandelion fields full
of the strange cosmic beasts we like to give names to.
I couldn’t stop looking at the shadow of us there—
it looked different after our difficult, lonely journey.
I, too, felt I was destined to join in a great experience.
It was freeing, in a way, to be so arrogant in my beliefs.
To lean in fully toward that kind of dimensional realism,
navigating the change and the changeless, the universal
and particular. A trash-truck woke me from dreaming.
I parted the blinds a bit and out my window, I noticed
the sky down in the gutter, a flowing atmospheric river.
Sometimes, but not all of the time, I can find the music.
I’m glad I could be here. I’m happy you’re here with me.

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