Paper vs. Wishes

Paper vs. Wishes

The Khmer language has so many words

to describe things about LOVERS

There’s ​ស្រលាញ់ (srolang), ស្នេហា (sneaha), សង្សារ (songsaa)

& then,

there’s two other words in the Khmer language

which are related but mean

completely different


ប្រពន្ធ (propun), meaning a spouse or wife…

& then there’s

គូព្រេង (koupreng), meaning a soulmate.

Koupreng are two souls that made a wish together,

Intertwining their destinies to other lifetimes.

So what’s the difference between

a propun & a koupreng?

The propun is defined by a piece of paper.

An egg shell, one hollow casing of a role.

One that may be fulfilled by working together


One that may be cracked or abandoned

But a Koupreng…

This one has to be found.

Sometimes we search the highest cliffs,

And into the deepest valleys,

And that person

is never ever located.

But if you do find her…

She’s a river with an endless stream,

She’s the massive beam of light

On the water’s back.

Golden tinged with a blinding white…

That intense glare you must squint to look upon

Bright without reflection.

You’ll know when you’ve found your Koupreng.

What are you looking for?