Pink Blazers in a Bunker

The thick bunker door has been locked. Inside, commotion churns amongst swirling cigarette smoke where loud speakers broadcast Burke’s playlist, in hopes of calming the nervous but firmly committed heartbeats of these worthy #Me Too soldiers, dressed in their signature pink double breasted power suit blazers. Newly trained console operators, no longer marginalized, unbutton their suit jackets signaling yet another impromptu smoke break. They leave an assortment of lipstick smears aptly named ‘Shocking’, ‘Pink’, ‘Pillow Talk’, ‘Unlocked’, ‘Cherries in the Snow’ and ‘Candy Yum-Yum’ on their discards. Leaning back against the cool thick cement wall, wrinkles have set into their jackets while their minds have set with the idea that the lipstick shade names say just as much about who they are, as what they’ve each been through. In this bunker they’re empowered. With this hashtag movement, orchestrated justice is stirring. With this new global pandemic, they might as well just stay underground.

These social activist and past sexual assault victims, these young and vulnerable, march in experienced boots of varying contours and styles; much like their owners. They count rape kits, manage bipartisan bills, ‘whisper networks’ and implement reform guidelines for sexual misconduct in education. The snubbed and self-proclaimed dance partners; the ones non-vetted, established to test your patience, without your consent, the forced upon flirt who will soon silence your protests, these perpetrators, narrative rulers and high profilers, will rapidly learn what it feels like to dance and squirm. If now Covid-19 doesn’t infect them first.  It’s not feminist, radical or conservative fake news. It’s a pink power suit cultural countdown against power and privilege. In this bunker of awareness, empathy, policy, laws, media coverage, social norms, reform and male responsibility, Me Too-ers, have pushed a rosy countdown button, blazing a hashtag movement, all while sporting a stylish six button pink blazer. The matching pink facial masks for healthy social distancing were ordered, but word is the shipment is having trouble crossing the border.

Be warned. Workplace norms scorning any hostess, government employee, actress, porn star, military personnel, journalist, doctor, musician or athlete, will feel the wrath of all bunker supporters and inhabitants. They’ve dug in their heals and a new battle rises. Those fated to brush away handsy paws at work, celebrate working from home. Zoom calls are trending, replacing unwanted cat calls. Well suited for battle, they’ve fashioned a fresh relationship with pink. Distressed subservient souls can breathe now and film directors feel scrutinized. The unworthy and exploitable have found Burke’s Bunker. Not even a pandemic can stop them. It’s 2021. Dissenters will be scrutinized with a cleverly worded ‘tweet’ and you know, that behind this locked door, the author wears a pink blazer when they hit ‘send’.

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