… Monday, He promised a city with colored wings and glittering streets, on Tuesday
He wore three heads, one green, one white, and one ashened like a grieving being, on Wednesday
He brought crumbs and promised loaves served with milk and fish for their future, on Thursday
He served ‘goodies’ like a happy host to famished guests who wouldn’t say no, on Friday
He gave even more ‘goodies’ to the homeless guests who would do anything for Lazarus’s cooling fingertip, so they threatened others to pledge their allegiance, on Saturday
He wasn’t that lone seed growing in ashes, he was simply a wilted and withered flower, on Sunday
He would keep the santicity of the day till the city had no color, desolate and empty leaving the stings of retrogression imbued upon their future
While they hope for that day the sun shall set at dawn, till that day, on…

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