Quantum Leap

The rippling of the waves was rough and harsh,

Nearly taking with it her new red hat.

It rushed against the rocks and boulders

And the wind that followed was no way less fierce.

The wind blew her scarf off her shoulders,

But he caught it and used it to wipe her tears.


‘It’s for the best’, he said,

‘You’ll thank me later for it’

She looked exasperated,

Feeling like she was out of her wits.


How could he say such a thing

After many years together?

Was their relationship a sin

That he’s leaving forever?


She couldn’t take it anymore,

She burst into tears.

His words made her sore,

So she left with her fears.



He had his reasons though,

Reasons he couldn’t share.

How on earth would he cope

When his mother was dead?


Looking at it from a point of view,

He was protecting her.

I mean society questioned her values

As she was still an amateur.


She was really gregarious,

Vivacious, outgoing and all.

She never took serious

What society thought of her flaws.


But he loved his mom,

More than anything in this world,

Even more than his ex love.

She was more than he deserved.


She sat alone,

Alone at home,

Where her screams were silent,

Her mind was violent.

Her insecurities hid deep inside

And they ate her alive.



A tear rolled down her face,

As her heart began to race,

She took a blade and tore her skin,

Where her depressions lay deep within.


She felt like he was unfair,

Until she cried her last tears.

She decided it was enough,

That what he had done made her world tough.

She took a gun to her head,

‘Congratulations Brian! She’s dead’


News spread like wild fire.

In a twinkle of an eye, he heard.

He burst into tears, he was tired

Of the way the world never cared.


He stayed away,

Away from the wicked world’s face.

Locking himself in his imagination,

Becoming a subject to depression.

Depression, a recession of smiles.




There was no one to tell him this

As he was born out of wedlock.

No siblings, no relatives.

No one with whom he could talk.


He decided life’s not worth living.

He put the gun to his head about to pull the trigger,

When he heard the scream of a little offspring

Then he dropped the gun: He was almost a suicide sinner.


He dawdled to the louvers,

To see what was going on down there.

A young lass was on cloud nine for Jasper,

Her new doll, so that Barbie and him could be a pair.


She rushed to her mom and gave her a tight bear hug.

Her mum picked her up and spun her round and round.

Maybe she aced her tests or cleaned the rug,

But what mattered most was what he had found.


Something he had lost

At the sight of the lifeless body of his mom.

What that hit-and-run accident cost

Was his happiness all in a sum.


Since then he had been in low spirits

Not even Samantha could hug out the sadness

And she decided to become a spirit

Making him more and more hopeless.


But the scene he just saw did something to him

As he could really not help but beam.

He realized something very sacrosanct

He found that hope that he was still intact.


A gust of happiness surged through him.

A smile was plastered on his face.

As he turned around, his countenance turned dim.

‘What was I thinking in the first place?’


It dawned on him that it wasn’t worth it.

Taking his life wasn’t the solution.

This sadness was neither the summit

Nor his life coming to a conclusion.


‘What would mom say if she were alive?

That all her suffering and shame was for nothing!’

            Suicide is not a solution to anything.

He just needed to do one thing: thrive.


He walked out of his apartment,

Out to get a job at King Burger.

He decided he won’t be bummer.

And from that day on, he’ll be ardent.


Today, he’s taking over the world.

Brian Jackson, the CEO of multi-trillion dollar store.

He lives in a big white mansion,

Settled with his wife, kids and passion.


He made sure his story didn’t go like this:

‘My mom died at 23 so how could I be a masterpiece?’

Instead he added a little twist:

‘Yes, she died but I persevered like a beast.


This is a lesson to everyone out there

Everyone will face one or two defeats.

It’s left to you if you’ll persevere

And take that Quantum leap.







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