Quotidian Quest

Inhabiting the slippery slope of existence often appears

Quite similar to a zone of transition:

Always in the making —-

Ever-incomplete in its completeness,

Transitory in its eternal permanence,

Imperfect and fallible despite its perfection:

It’s that juncture where

Condensed darkness doesn’t melt away,

But keeps dissolving into radiating light —

The radiance that gradually brightens up

Each undiminished freezed corner

Of a heart that had wallowed in the dirt and darkness for long;

It is not fully lit yet,

But continues to remain as a transcendental zone —

Where darkness turns into light and light into darkness!

It’s that transitory zone where

Timeless now doesn’t get eluded

By the fleeting momentariness,

Neither does it float away

On the shaky ground of a yet-to-forge forever;

Rather temporality is stretched infinitely —

Towards an unforeseeable ‘beyond’ that

Brings the ephemeral and the eternal on the same plane!

It’s that edge where hope doesn’t fall prey to cynicism,

Neither does it get reduced to any futuristic expectation; 

Rather the strength of hope dwells in its timelessness

That triumphs over the might of the weal and woe,

And what remains is

The simplicity of unconditional acceptance

That transforms sufferings into solace,

Wretchedness into gratitude!

It’s this liminal zone

Where discovery and re-discovery never cease,

What is found gets lost….,

And what has long been lost finds itself anew;

While oscillating between an engulfing solitariness

And an entrenched togetherness,

Some meaning is being churned out —

That which makes the unfathomable meaninglessness a bit more bearable,

Or even turning the quotidian into a quest!




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