Rainbow Quake

It rained!
And it was only in her room
That it dropped
The rain drops came from both of us
For both of us.
I, an ex rainbow
And she a continuous thunder.
It all started when my body shuddered
As her hand caressed my neck bone
And created a bad weather
on my young, delicate shoulders
And how the rail lines that were her fingers
Illegally trespassed the territory of my amazon forest
So she took me out of my safe tree house
And made me wild.
My lips, my little tiny teenage fingers and tongue
Were beaten by the droplets of rain
that came from the cloud between her legs.

It shined!
But it was only her room that got the rays
So I traced my thoughts round the lines
that made her equations whole
I never tried to equate it to others
For hers were those that thought me how to be a weatherman
To differentiate a sunny weather from a thunderstorm
To learn to farm and harvest watermelons
Even in the deserts
For she made me dig beneath the surface
The surface that contained snakes and scorpions
But I let them sting me
For I was ready to go through it all
Just to prove that the 13 year old me
Could dig wells and fetch waters.

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