Long stood on the beach, staring

Unfathomable darkness, seeing nothing

Waves push me as if calling

Fast first, then steady; fascinating.


Full moon minimized and coolly,  

Reflecting, bouncing back at me, for me

Before first light, a dwindling shape

Or was it a door for me, to escape?


I am expecting, not pregnant

Coiling agony, fueling resentment 

Soon sun will break clouds, free

Or is it already mocking me?


Venomous orange urchin, emblazoned

Horizon is god’s own center fold,

I pray to be the person, I think am

And not the one you think: Scam.


No, I don’t flatter like that fool

Who aversively smile, ergo cruel

I accept it, you like not?

Sloppy, strip of land and maggot.


These little moments are sand,

Some stick, some fall off hand,

Those others leave us damned,

Just listen! Don’t misunderstand.


Yes, I dream, I dare, I dive

Salt sting both, particularly left eye,

Piercing through pondering sky,

I rise! Unlike those medio-cry.


And lo, I lay potpourri of my soul

Exhausted, entering crab hole,

Excuse me! I don’t deny or defy

I take all of me and my.


Gulping down that chartreuse,

You call me a ruse ?

Soon, will walk again in Toulouse,

I swear on my purple bruise.

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