They don’t talk about the beaches

                                                            you say

They never mention the beaches

            What about them

We won’t have any

                                                you say

The beaches will be gone

we’ll never have them again                        Sand

takes thousands of years      to create

sad      hovers            above a café table

            sand between my toes




things we did

never got to do

won’t do


The beach of us

disappeared by rising waters

time writes our names in the wet grey

                        carried out by impending tide

the very cartography of us               erased


Or maybe we’ll dredge it up from the ocean

make our own beaches                   

                                                you say

glint eye cynicism

                                                we both know

even if this comes to pass

beaches your grandchildren can see

non-contextualized sand beaches

we won’t

won’t reclaim the past

with a fictionalized future

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