Love is blind, a saying well said!

Thinking of him I get out of my bed,

Every day I take a deep breath,

I must have him wear my love’s wreath.

On my way to school, I see him

Working hard to clear some kind of prelim

He looks at me but doesn’t see,

The aching heart that I carry with me

‘on my way back’, I think

‘I must bring him some kind of drink!’

Working my finger to the bone

I hurry back to see him alone.

Alas, waiting for me is a nasty surprise,

Flocked around him a group of chics

Check him out like a prize!

My values and my feelings start to mix

I feel like launching an assault of bricks!

Stomping my way back,

I decide to launch a volley of attack;

On my mother, and persuade her

That he and I are meant for each other!

“What’s so special about him that you are dying

And go as far as defying

The wishes of your mother?”

‘He is fearless, bold, affectionate and loving

Faithful so much that he will come shoving

Aside the people who want to hurt me

And from every pain he shall set me free!’

I spoke with my voice full of defiance

“yeah, whatever, I do not approve of this alliance.”

With my head hung low,

I move towards him slow

Knowing that I must break the ice

I look into his deep brown eyes

‘I am sorry but we can’t be together

In this lifetime however

I will never forget your face

And there will always be an empty place

In my heart and soul reserved for you’

He looks at me with astonishment

And turns his back in acknowledgement

Wagging his tail, he goes back and joins his kin

Playing around the garbage bin

Those little paws which have now embarked

On a new journey, has marked

This heart as his own

Leaving me forever in the broken heart zone…

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