From the western most window
a cosmic buzzing bleeds through.
August air, thick as silence, coats our

tongues. Satellite like a salamander in outer
space waggles fervently, chasing her own tail.
Meanwhile Universe, that crumbly saltine cracker
is night-air-stale and nothing but blackness
save for tiny perforations becoming

I listen close. A buzzing grows in urgency,
threatening to abandon homogeneity with a throb,
off kilter, that can only mean falling.
Falling, but also a denial of falling—
clinging to the cosmos— an
incessant thrusting.

Satellite digs her heals like a top spinning
to one side, knocking herself on the floor:
a prayer to be upright.

By the time we are outside,
she’s spun out of orbit and, reaching
for herself, falls for the lake like a wave

when it breaks…

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