Seeing 2020

2020 what a year. When all governments were driven down by fear. WHO did lead the mighty call, virus fear, come one, come all!

South Africa was the first to steer, “Stay home. No beer! No Beer for here!”

Europe barricade your doors, the healthy must now stay indoors.

Actions taken strong and swift, so no healthy man would be left adrift.

Shut the businesses, shut them all! On Worship houses you must not call.

No symptoms will you know, but trust us, it’s the new foe.

Trillions of viruses may pass you by, but this one is special, we know not why. 

Big media is your one to hear, listen well, and sit in fear.

Sit in your homes and hide away, let depression and suicide bide your day. Children will not educate, it seems we’re at a stalemate. 

Eliminate the people one by one, look ma, we can do it without any gun.

Media won’t tell you any news, just listen to our paid views. 

You think it was a plan for all, but no, that’s fear that’s in your way. We’re big media and we have a say. Look, California just shuttered today. It shut its churches and its schools but not its bars and strip clubs too. Believe it or not those were the rules. 

Listen to big media, you must, you hear. We earn our living from your fear. But look a threat is really near, dirty hands and feet and nasty smears. 

Italy shut its mighty Rome. Close the business, stay at home. Taxes we now must raise, as no businesses are here left to pay. 

Essential media is a must. We are the ones who you can trust. China lost its mighty deal, they created a way to make us squeal.

One evil white does kill a man. Antifa now makes its stand, “Kill them all across the land”. “Burn the buildings one and all”, Antifa makes its riot call. You’ll pay, you’ll pay you evil whites, oh wait, no one is left to win this fight.

President go who made no wars. Next one come and tax some more!

Handouts for one and all, you have suffered so in this mighty brawl. Stay in day and night, stay apart, and you’ll be alright.  

Injustice rolls all along, as statues and history are deranged by throngs. 

Burn and riot one and all, listen well to Antifa’s call. Watch media giggle in the rear, soon one and all will disappear. 

That’s right we’ve done it now. Amendment One take a final bow. Step aside, for if you congregate, Antifa will come storm the gate. Amendment One you will not last, because we insist you  stay apart and wear a mask. 

Hidden behind this shadowy veil, big tech and media want you to fail. World bankers quietly fund it all; play us while are children fall. 

Censor words and thoughts and news. Censor on and let all lose.

2020 heard the call, human traffic made an eery pall. Open now that border wall. Children forced into computers all. Children stolen in the back of vans. Ship them to a perverted twisted man! Did you hear or media told you not, 2020 child trafficking was a record crop!  

Good President, good President give us corn. Support us in this time of scorn. Big media tells us you are so good. Funny how no one supported you in my hood. Votes all cast, you came in last, numbers flashed, and you’re in there fast. No worries, it’s all the past. 

Let’s not lie now anymore. This virus has taken an awful score. Media tells us what to fear, stay apart and don’t get near. Toxic people all are here, dumpsters stacked with bodies near, hospitals packed in aisles and there are no pedophiles. Listen to your news, big media never takes a snooze. Vaccines will save you, one and all, except for those the vaccine made fall. Big Pharma knows just what to do, make a virus called the Wuhan flu. Vaccinate for what you found and everyone will lay on down. Big cash made on that deal, so let’s not hear one more appeal.

Yet, let’s not be remiss and exclude proper testing from our list. 

Great Barrington did declare, healthy ways to end this myth. Fifty-thousand doctors did unite and presented solutions for this plight. Ignore them all, of course you did, as this exposed just what you hid. 

2020 was quite some year. Messy just as any smear; no toilet paper and greater fear. But rest assured all is well. Just wear your mask and sit quiet now, you’ll serve very well soon as a cash cow. 

I’d be cruel if I left today without telling you how to make a better way. Your love, your kindness for your friends is what will save you in the end. Push back One Worlder’s mighty call, to dumb you down and make you small. Learn your rights and don’t hesitate, to let them know we’re each responsible for our own fate.


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