She Rejected Me

I was given to her 

On her eighteenth birthday. 

A note sat on top of me 

Indicating that she should read me daily.


Daggers shot from her eyes.

They jabbed me in my heart.

She crushed the life out of the note

With her giant hand Before tossing it to the floor.


My body tightened

As she hauled me up the attic. 

My spine hurt 

As her angry fingers gripped me tightly.


The attic was packed with boxes of old junk. 

How dare she take me there. 

I almost throw up

When she opened one of the boxes. 


A pile of socks 

Slapped a smelly odor up my nostrils.

Before I could catch my breath 

To beg her not to put me in there, 


She released her grip. 

Down I went

Into the arms of the stinky socks. 

A daunting smirk appeared on her face.


She flipped the box closed.

I bowed my head and prayed for her. 

She was young and naive. 

She didn’t know how important I am.


One day, she would come back for me. 

She will know 

That my content can change her heart 

And enlighten her about Jesus, 


The only perfect man 

That has walked the earth. 

She would soon acknowledge

That only He can save her soul.


She’ll realize that I’m the only book

That will truly transform her


After all, I’m The Holy Bible.

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