Schizophrenia (a split mind)
Vibrations of echoes, the voices of it calling my name
This way it says, tossed about places without emblem
With loud voices I scream, I cry out to get them tame
But on deaf ears it falls, no one’s listening to my old mad scream

A weird beauty it can be sometimes, a world with no one’s blame
Freely my bare feet roam the streets, picking what they all call damn
If only it could stay so, if only I could ply this one lane
Without an interpose, without a people to call me insane

Because they don’t understand, they don’t get why I don’t feel same
Not with the food nor the sleep, not even the conversations that makes wet dream
Like them I wonder too, why I enjoy to dwell in my own dark frame
With no one to hold, no one to share in my awkward fame

Mama pleads take your meds, she says you would feel somewhat sane
But that’s not true, all it does is beat me down to Shadow flame
They cry so hard my family, asking why I bring them suffer’n shame
And I try so hard, but time and time again it ends the same

Who would help me, who would rescue my mind from this blind game
Did I just ask that, or is it one of my unheard soliloqual blam
As I tread Alone and lost on this voyage, knowing there’s no rescueing me
In the end it’s all been split and all I can wish is that God takes me home

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