Open window breeze blowing in
Peaceful slumber rainfall begins
Thunder then lightening bolts all around
Massive oak tree crashes to the ground
Startled awakening loud noises and fear
Closes window lights candle in front of the mirror
Climbs back into bed all snug, safe, and warm
Fears put to rest no more need for alarm
Slowly the candle begins to fade
Sunshine rises to start a new day
Sleepy eyes are opened wide
By glistening light through sheer curtains they hide
Softly she walks to the cedar closet door
To find her garments there’s colors galore
After dressing down the stairs for breakfast to make
Bacon, eggs, with blueberry pancakes
Outside she runs to the red barn
Feeding the animals on her small farm
Pulls the weeds from flower beds
Returns the tools to the shed
Works the garden then does inside chores
Prepares the food, gives thanks to the lord
Finishes food, bathes, says prayer before bed
Time for peaceful slumber to rest her weary head
Quiet now, not a whisper, nor peep                                                                                                                                                  Maybe tonight she will get some sleep.

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