Smile Mom Madness

Smile Mom Madness

I am in Mexico.

I look down like 100 feet and I see a waterfall.

I am extremely scared to propel 100 feet, 

so I close my eyes. 

Then I jumped for about 20 feet. 

I was intensely scared.

Then my BPM dropped from 150 BPM to 99 BPM for the next 80 feet. 


The next one was a zip-roller-coaster-line. 

By that time I was hooked in, on the zip-roller-coaster-line.

I was ready.

The beginning was a stomach drop. 


flat for 15 seconds. 

But I got stuck.


I swung back and forth till I dropped. 


I got speed.         

After that, 

I did a flip and fell in the water. 

My brother,

My mom, 

and my dad, 

All went before me, 

My brother said, “Smile for the photo or Mom will be mad.”

I am in the jungle on the zip-roller-coaster-line.

My Gopro is in my back pocket of my green swim trunks.

These swim trunks were made by my great grandma.

I have brown hair and blue eyes. 

I am 10 years young.

“I will-I will-I will,” I say.

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