So Far From Home I Feel My Heart

So far from home I feel my heart!

Aching to pull back to the ultimate start.

From plateaus of hope to pits of despair,

Reigns grip my brain and choke out my air.

Thoughts churn, change form and then find a hold,

Now at war with everything I’ve always been told.

I don’t walk along the shore at sunrise anymore,

Its glory brought energy and life to my core.

The wind and the light and the smells of the earth,

Taken from me by the filth, the world’s girth.

The birds still sing but I don’t hear their song,

Their beauty has been hidden in the outside so long.

The fish still slip through waves in their playful motion,

While all I can do is miss my glorious ocean.

The warmth of the sun so bright on my skin,

Is the blanket of light I am covered in.

The sand hot beneath me like a loving embrace,

Give me life! Give me liberty! Give me sun on my face!

Moon, continue to pull my waves onto shore,

And grant me time in my life to see you some more.

Let your energy pull me to where you are,

Please tell me I have not wandered too far.

My energy is firmly planted in your earth,

My energy is pulled to your motion and surf,

My energy is drawn to the expanse of your heavens,

My energy is given from your light and its presence.

The souls in creation beckon loud to my own,

To join them, to search them, to know each alone.

Yet here I am sitting in processed cold air,

While outside is your glory, in here grows despair.

So trapped in my prison, I pay for this blessing,

While on my chest the weight of life is so pressing.

Meet all my challenges! Exceed all my goals!

While outside time passes and fragrant winds blow.

Am I missing my life while working to build one?

While searching out possessions did I lose sight of fun?

I feel much less needed in the day to day scurry,

So ready to release all this mind torturing fury.

My work means nothing if I can’t see my home,

If I don’t answer the call to be free and roam.

My children see work and all the bills paid,

But do they truly know me away from that place?

Will they remember my passions, my curiosity and life,

Or will their stories be of hardships, anger and strife?

Will there be pictures with smiles, hugs and smart winks,

Or empty stares into space with hardly a blink.

Is it worth what we pay when we sacrifice our lot,

Will we look back on all the things we should have bought,

Or is our short time here much more precious still,

Can we see past that huge stack of bills?

Was our life meant to be the toil that it has become,

When in the end we see all the things that we have won?

Memories of what we used to see, and who we use to be,

Forgetting all the things that once were me.

For the chance of having things that others might not,

A whole lot of nothing is left in the pot.

When we leave we take nothing and all behind is left,

But did we notice the sky, the earth and the depth?

Did we appreciate what was given so freely to us,

Or did we blindly pursue all our other lusts?

To live for all that humanity holds high,

We give up the water and birds in the sky.

Still the choice remains, though a price will be paid,

If we decide one day to break away,

And take steps back to that place, to that home,

When we choose to truly be free and to roam.

Penniless paupers with nothing to give,

But wisdom and love and pride for where we live.

Our most precious gift to pass on to others,

Whether or not we are fathers and mothers,

Is love for our home, for life and its blessings,

Our love for each other and memories of those resting.

The gifts we receive when we don’t chase the world,

We see with new eyes when we open that door.

So don’t be afraid to sever those ties!

Be brave and know that you will truly see life.

Go into the scuffle knowing who locks your chains.

You hold the key, I hope you use it one day.

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