Ma So Om Ah Sa So

Tickle the mind, jangle the brain
upset the apple cart
kick open the emergency exit
pop the clutch

Roll up the shade
of the third eye
rearrange the calculations, rationalizations, justifications
of a monkey mind

Take to heart
the neglected signals from God
the angel’s decrees
the truth of the gut

As the veil lifts
butterflies, bats, dragonflies
scatter helter-skelter
eyes, naked and peeled
see, as if for the first time

The head rolls
the neck swings off its axis mundi
takes in the 360
amygdala snaps-to
reptile tongues dart, claws scratch
tails coil around sleek obelisks

A spark in the coccyx
fires up the back of the sphinx
staircase climbing toward heaven
cock-tail spiked with saltwater and dates
ancient codes, sparkling jewels and primal memories
stung with nerve endings

Left turn into muscle memory
liquid fire infused with tremors of expectancy
swarm of fireflies shoot for the stars
shimmering light halos
vibrate the myelin sheath’s silken undergarments

A body in motion
seduces an invisible judge
to loosen his tie, undo his belt buckle, kick off his shoes
down a shot of spirit
unpack briefs, judgments and established laws

A westerly current carries each page aloft
feathers floating
into the beaks of migrating geese
night time dreaming
of marsh soddened nests

Parrot troopers, un-feathered and camouflaged
sport deadly weapons
but the warriors of soma, like antibodies
shoot only life into the veins, ganglia
the body’s cellular choir
bestowing health, blessings, vitality
ammo for the circuitry of longevity

Guitars are plucked in the flamenco of declaration
shoulder blades lift
long frozen with, I “cannot,” “I am not”
instead, a rippling sinew of “I can,” “I am”
stomps the ground with fast moving feet
pounding to the drum’s syncopated heat
dangling arms lift
graceful serpents of the Nile

Trellis of ribs -uncaged-
breathe in communion with lungs
slung, floating, steady-stated
narcotic of cooperative exchange
vivace of strings
vibrating with euphoric resonance
heart and lungs heave in consort

Feet become hooves
remember their love affair with the ground
legs pulse with gotta move
there is no place but here
not just a vehicle of escape
galloping, trotting, jumping
rather, every moment, a destination

Spleen, liver, ovaries, bladder pancreas
the soft and sensitive ones
the porous filters and generators
jobs not often regarded or honored
thank you for your devotion
I will donate blood

I promise to remember you
bank tellers of the brain
cab drivers of the intestines
greyhound depot of the pelvis
port authority of the heart
western union of the pituitary
my beloved satellite dish, sensorial secretary

From the song of the pubic bone
operatic and Tuvan guttural
to the breast tissue’s romantic and haunting waltz
to the belly’s jungle of screams, sermons and soft pillows
and yes, hats off to this bobbing head of wondering ponderment
habitually attempting to secede from the mainland

For all the constellations of energetic consistency
the misfires
the perpetual pact with imprecision
isn’t it perfection, really
a wonder
a miracle to have a body
to be a body
to be embodied
I am grateful to my companion in arms, legs and all the rest

My partner, my guide, my patron saint
forgive my negligence, ineptitude
I am forever at your service

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