Soul Scene

When I look at you, do you know what I see?

By definition, a person that seems to be;

Yellow, as the glow of the sun

Bright, as a burning star 

Emanating, like a continuous run

of fireflies in a stained glass jar

Shiny, as the waving grass

Deep, as the opaque sea

Sparkling, as mithrill’d glass

Unbreakable, as a diamond key

Incredible, like expanding space 

Stoic, as a standing oak 

Intricate, like sheer spun lace 

Woven by the spider folk 

Effervescent, like bubbly champagne 

Magical, as the snowy cold 

Beautiful, like a blushing dame

Reminiscent of places of old…


and then,


You look back into me

Warmth fills up my core 

Here, right now I truly know 

I need to experience you more 


your goddess





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