Suicide Tower.

They call it a tower of pain and terror but i call it the suicide tower.A place where ‘give up itis surrender to death,where they take their last breath.I feel all the unrested troubled souls as I pass through it the suicide Tower.

Here comes another one….she slowly climbs the old rusty and dusty steels of the tower up until she makes it to the top.’Come down from there’,I scream but my voice fades away in the air.She looks down on me and says ‘ I cannot do it anymore’.The wind blew towards me and a multitude of emotions descended upon me.

She is not the first nor the last i have witnessed.People converged on the tower with their cellphones of course….The police came , tried to dissuade her with no luck.She looked down and up again and started counting then took a great jump just like Humpty she had a great fall.within a minute death swallowed her.

Once again I felt helpless her spirit slipped between my fingers there I failed to catch it.The feeling of guilt descended on me with hundreds taking pictures and videos.Here goes another young soul another young blood on the suicide tower.The tower of pain and terror ,the tower of horror and terror.Here we go again, here it goes again.

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