Tell it to Me Whole

Tell it to me whole a white middle strange orange fat wide streaks

I can’t tell it I am right music

Tracking words on a page the have no strangers to guide them

And no otherworldly Gods to usher it’s off-yellow though

I feel the paleness of the seek it’s not good I shake I shook I vibrated

Down into a hook a bleary sunrise telling me to stay asleep

Boxes a chair a shipwreck a pale peach morning she didn’t wave to me

Why don’t you want to hug? You’re not right whales sinking ships laughing

Back nest blackening charred ospreys waft then land then grab then eat the slur their

words as they try to talk to me outer not able to speak to get

cupcakes in. who is the main character? Clouds. A statute. A state. A people.

Chanting let us in. Chanting keep us safe. Chanting we are the desert.

Chanting. We are hungry. Eyes wide from sand. Stomachs bellied out.

No longer human but animal. Starving. Chopping. Heads.

They aren’t writhing anymore on the ground. Stones. Heels up.

They don’t move. Splathered hair. Paraded.

Outrage pick one we don’t know who or what

Take up a pillar get on stage being to speak unknown languages

Blithery tails wandering lost souls holding sharpened elbows

Greet mimics dancing in the streets saying yes, yes – a soul sell us a soul

Oak leaves moving in the wind spray past us the mist hitting our faces as we walk

The sound of drums pitting our stomachs.

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