That Man

That man, that man, that man 

That man that cries in frustration 

His heart is dying in starvation dealing with the negligence of this world

Dark skin, large lips, and the weight of melanin history on his back

Simply leaving room for the white men to attack

Will black men ever have a chance to get back? 

Black men physique will leave him always in critique 

Lingering words that this country does not love you

This country despises you and your victories

Now look, that isn’t a damn mystery 

Bullets flying 

People are dying 

Yet they wonder why we struggle thriving. 

Between me and you 

They looked at us as if we lived in the zoo

With no means of anything to do

Expect no more than 23 years 

Because we are constantly living in fear 

The tears shed for my brothers surpasses the drops in the ocean 

We all must take notion

That this death will do nothing but rattle the commotion 

Black women fighting for our lives

Remember they feel our emotion 

There’s nothing more beautiful than the richest of dark skin

The skin the white men wish they could get in

They shoot in jealousy

Little do they know my brothers and sisters will make me a legacy.

To my younger generation

You could be shot

But I pray to God you’re not.

In urge to knock you down

They don’t know the depths of what your ancestors went through so that you won’t stay on the ground.

That man, that man, that man

Being black in a nation that hates you is hard 

And you might be scarred 

But look back at your colored friends I see 

And all they can say as you fight, is merci. 

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