The Abyss And The Blade

Beside the great abyss I stand.

Alone, alert, sword in hand.

Great may come or creeping small.

One thin edge to greet them all.


None shall cross against this post;

Flesh nor bone nor living ghost.

Survey these yet unafraid.

Yet to pass across cold blade.


Many footsteps tread this way

Safe within the light of day.

Come the evening ye shall see

One left standing. I am he.


Warriors, monsters, beasts of old,

The brave, the strong, the gallant bold

Silhouette in midnight black

When sound of slaughter echoes back.


Battle cries to silence fade.

Moonlight splinters off my blade.

Mist now hangs in deepest red

Painting shadows on these dead.


Scream to demons, tell them this:

Venture not from the abyss.

One stands here still unafraid,

Bearing shield and wielding blade.


Fear thou not what darkness brings

Flying, creeping, slithering.

Monsters, demons think ye see?

‘Tis but shadow cast from me.


Hunting deep within the night

I descend on these to fight.

Hollow, hooded face of death.

Battle hymn beneath my breath.


Life from blood their soul is torn.

None shall see tomorrow born.

Each a date with death to keep

First a whisper then the sleep.


Soon these giants fight no more.

Trembling at the servant’s roar.

Each to learn his journey ends

Where the wrath of blade begins.


All rights reserved by author.

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