The Beast Outside

I leave my house to find food to survive 

But the beast outside doesn’t want me alive 

He sits and waits ‘til I come outside 

And when I do, his mouth opens wide 

The creature wants to eat me, my family – us all 

But I promised not to let him, not without a brawl 

His teeth so piercing and his talons so keen 

The beast wants to take me where the grass isn’t green 

I have four sons, and daughters – I’ve got three 

Finding food for them, it’s a tricky job you see 

But one day, I went – I went out with no fear 

Unfazed by the fact that the beast thing was near 

I ran and I ran, just missing his claws 

I reached what I was looking for and expected an applause  

Grabbing my item in one hand, I raced 

Yes! My family’s hunger would soon be replaced 

They would later be gnawing on what I supplied 

The knot in my heart – finally untied 

 I reached the entrance of my snug little place 

My kids looked so hungry, grateful looks on their face 

I brought out the food – my family’s not hard to please 

“Father!”, one called, “You brought us some cheese!” 

“Yes!”, I replied, glad to be in my house 

Wow! It sure is hard being a mouse 

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