The Blob and Me

Maybe I take offense too easily

I just carry so much pain

Whose pain am I holding anyway

And why do I feel like shit today

I really do want to feel okay


There has to be someone who can take the torch

A partner to tap in, a tag team of sorts

But no one can offer much more

Than a pat on the shoulder

A sorry and shrug out the door


It’s all on me

And I don’t want the responsibility

This anguish within me is darkening

And it’s just so exhausting

I’m tired, I want so badly just to sleep


So, I’m leaving it

Separating it from me

At least for the time being

An avoidance until it calls for me

my reckoning


This blackish-gray, putrid blob of anxiety

That haunts me to my core

Won’t set me free

But maybe it will let me breathe

Just until I’m able to manage it once more


Maybe we can live together

Not in harmony

But in a semblance of acceptance

Almost something like peace

Where I get a break from our wretched reality


So, I’m dumping it on the bedroom floor

Undressing it like a piece of clothing

Leaving it in a heap, yet still knowing

That I’ll pick it up in the morning

Sweep it up like a daily chore


What are you looking for?