The bread Winners (Nonet)


Bread winning is  man’s constant struggle

As a little chid,”bread winning” was an illusionary

Shot of oven baked bread

Heaped on golden plate

For runner ups

Far from it

It’s not



I came of age,more intrigued answers

That bread Winners are labourers of Hercules

Who wake in the dark of dawn

Or sneak in midnight hours

To gather grains earned

From strains of sweats

On tired brows

Extra mile



Life is but a walk on uneven paths

A load of insatiable scoops

Upon strong stoopy shoulders

And bread winning is but

An illicit game

Of do or die

With no rule



The day breaks and man is in a rush

His drive or what be his passion

Doth eludes him in a flash

And in redundancy

Hope dashed, desires squashed

What then is life

If all done

Is in



Alas! Bills to pay in piles they lay

Growing sums dims the rising sun

How to fare cuts off the flair

A yoke that their hearts slumb

To tyrants they stray

In bankruptcy 

They do plunge




Each man a notable bread winner

Nudged into the race by hunger

Or sheer greed and sneers from peers

Rushing feet,angry cries

Swirling spectacle

Forwarding time

Odds and ends

That trails




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