The Cave Grows


The Cave Grows


History carved out the walls of the 

forbidden cave and stories filled the 


Rocks molded into cities of

jagged limestone. Sunlight

drooled from the mouth,

creating a skyline burning in 

the sunset.

Springtail Spiders and Evening Bats 

made homes in the Roman columns

 and spike-tipped buildings

of smooth stone.

Winding towers of gnarled

marble spoke of water falling

long ago, leaving only a thin

stream of glistening water behind.


That was water I could drink, unlike 

the water at my local lake,

poisoned with radiation.

So, I cupped the crystalline liquid

in my chilled hands

and drank, for the first time,

water not from a bottle.


People said the cave 

was still growing

and moving into new

delicate formations.

So, I shouldn’t touch 

the malleable walls.

Human oil was toxic,

mortal grease would kill

the cave and freeze it in time.


The cave had been

alive long before me

and would continue to 

grow past my extinction –

unless I pried at the stone,

leaving intrinsic impurities,

dirty fingerprints

on stained glass.

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