The Crazy Man

He plagued my daily commute
I’d pass him twice a day
He sat upon the pavement
And kept out of the way

He never really irked me
The crazy man i’d see
I did not mind his living
And he made no bones with me

My road it was a straight one
Except the once i’d stray
I’d have to leave the pavement
when he came in my way

It was a neat arrangement
A three foot space at best
For each who passed the crazy man
Feared putting him to test

‘Til one fine day, i risked it
I walked into his space
I kneeled down close before him
And we sat there face to face

Our words at first were whispered
But soon i felt no shame
My impression of the crazy man
Said he and i were same

He was laughter, all unbridled
And tears not held back
He was all the things we feared to say
And all we feared to lack

He made no exaggerations
And felt no need to hide
He was everything i’d ever felt
But was taught to keep inside

As we finished talking
I’d never felt so good
This crazy man had made me feel
So sane and understood.

‘Why do they call you crazy?’
I felt i had to ask
“Well”, he smiled,“no one accepts
A man who wears no mask”.’

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