The Dark Realm

Dark and infinitely deceptive,
Dangerous and breathtakingly subtle,
Dangling agony dovetails with lingering grief
Oh,what an  hideous intention!
The blood drizzles intermittently,
Life snuffed out provocatively,
Poor souls tossed by sinister tide,
Sunk in the pool of another man’s insanity for all ages.
The dark Realm is where unfathomable evil is conceived and birthed,
Where brute force is unleashed,
And sodomy is perpetrated.
The cosmos became a dark realm;
A labyrinth of death, that harvest souls
with the sickle of hell.
We once lived fearlessly under the
watchful eyes of the sun,
The unspoken code of brotherly love
being our shield…….
Now we can’t even thread the meadows
at dawn
Yea, we can’t lay our head to rest when we are
Humans became vampires;
suckling earthlings’ blood, snuffing
out their poor lives.
Our safe haven became a slaughter house,
A temple of drizzling blood;
Beware, oh beware of the dark realm:
Here, life isn’t priceless; it has no worth
at all.
Alas the dark realm, 
the abode of depraved and inhumane beings,
for he who encounters that realm never lives to tell the story.

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