The Hoverer



The Hoverer

Walking through the city so

                                               unmindful of my legs,

The Hoverer stays motionless no matter

where I go : borderless GodSky

also deLighting [this] brainbow;

how long has it hovered unstuck to egoity,

immune to post & pre,

everybody’s personal egoless deity—

why try to look & see?  ‘Tween the temples it’s aware

unseen/beholdingly : never caught in neural net

                                        like some blood juicy fly…

exodusted from the grip of

                                             pharaoh-ego I.


So which is The Hoverer, now or eternity?


The Hoverer embraces both uninterruptedly:

mated like a mirror shows shit & reflects stainlessly,

never clinging to a thought of

                                                 ‘understand thought-free.’


Oh my god it’s right here : I AM actuality…

no known name can be!


Tell me then, who hovers?


Dawn-fresh   AH   horizon-free.


I’d reply but secret mantra in-hears silently.

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