The Last Letter to My Lover

I tasted death wilingly,
Because that’s what it takes to love you.

I would have lacrete my chest and brought my heart out,
I would have done that happily without a sound.

You told me, you were my friend
All i wished was to walk with you till the end

Your lips spelled love charm and consoled,
As Your eyes rolled.

I felt warm
Unware that it was my soul on fire
To be with you; was my only desire

The dark came with his old friend despair,
As a shadow, you disappeared

The dark lord asked for a life,
T’was between ‘yours’ and ‘mine’.

I went forward to surrender,
Of all the love i did remember

Smiled and said ‘mine’,
But without a tear in your eye; you stabbed me from behind

I lost both my soul and my mind,
Oh! I wished humans came with a warning sign.

You left in peace ,
it left me in pieces

Oh you? not you!
My mind and my heart did quarrel

Lethal ,I died in pain
You’d pushed me in the vain.

I died of the heartbreak ,
Of the lies , of the broken promises you once made

Maybe it wasn’t you who I loved,
But the thought of you my mind encage!


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