The little brown frog

The Little Brown Frog 

by HRC

the storm of the summer is brewing. 
On this sandy lakeside, I study the grey sky for sign of thunder on the shore of this grey water. White waves crash over the green cattails, who stand tall against the storm. they are too bright against their setting, out of place, like ruby slippers in Kansas. 
the sand near my feet hops

the lump of sand thumps thumps thumps 

the little brown frog turns his large eyes toward me and we consider each other

some people like to people watch. 
watching others come and go

wonder who they are 

where they are going 

what they are up to 

here alone at this lake, 

I am quite content to frog watch. 

he seems quite content to people watch. 

wonder who i am 

Where I am going 

what I am up to 

And what the hell i am doing here on this empty shore, 

playing in the storm of the summer.

he hops into the water 

From red leaf to orange leaf 

and disappears between the cattails.

I wonder if he will change color amongst the strange foliage.

I follow him to find out. 

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