The Night Whirlwind

The Night Whirlwind

Overpowered by the
Seethe whirlwind hubbub
The bush tracks convulsed,
Dancing to and fro
To the ruckus whirlwind
That yanked
The lass’ clothes like a rooftop,
Exposing her dangling
un-bra breast
At the lightning assault

While evidently enwrapped
By the reverie
And aura of love,
The wind cheesed off
And sparkled lightning
That throbbed our hearts
Like the thudding
Of a school band,
And our entirety shuddered
Like a prey
Before it devourer

And when the tempest
vomits fire like dragons,
Bats, unfamiliar creatures
Dashed in and out
Their cocoons,
While Owls hoot
And shriek
At nearby bushes,
At the portentous fury
That the night wind

Burst not your spontaneous
And incautious attack
On us whirlwind,
If an adversary you seek
Then not us
Raze not like wildfire,
Our romantic adventure,
With your unruly laughter,
And pardon us
Bleeding earth
On this conundrum

Lest our blood grow cold
In this amorous adventure,
Do us mercy,
Under a tree canopy,
Lets in our pep,
Consummate this course
And afterwards
Be graved together
For eternal connubial,
Alas! Be saved
In the shackles of our
Unevenly broken bones


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