The Sophism of Tyranny

They raised high the beacon of freedom

fuelled by the blood of the people

and stoked within us the fire of hope

flames feeding on air stolen from our lungs

                                                and we glorified their names

                                                     and we chanted for their victory


They wove their tales of lies and märchen

with words of silk on the tongues of sirens

lounging upon their thrones of splendour

crafted from our bones, forged in hellfire

                                            and we bowed before them

                                                    and we chanted for their victory


We beheld their masks and golden halos

and forgot the demons residing within

blindfolded, drinking from their poisoned chalice

we felt not the wounds they carved in our flesh

                                              and we mourned not our loss

                                                 as we chanted for their victory


We sang their song, danced their dance

filled their cups with our blood

and we buried our kin and our brethren

the collateral of their wars of greed

                                   all the while chanting

                                       their anthems of victory

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