The Valley of Death

Sunless days and lengthy nights,
bath in fear with trembling frights.
Crusty lips who yearn for kisses.
Hearkening the serpent’s hisses.
The pits of solitude I sink,
from streams of unclean thoughts I drink.

Regret pricks my skin deflated.
Immobile from limbs negated.
Fruitless bursts of grim self-pity.
Tempest teacups, wrath is gritty.
Stomache growls in full starvation,
Swallowed into slow damnation.

Impact with a great thump,
I awake drowsy from my slump.
Defeaned by harpy screeches,
warps and thorns become my features.
Fear gallops, sweat downfalls.
Hair erects from monstrous calls.

I scan to see the miscreants,
who too got swept by misty winds.
I sight the number of fallen risen,
shackled in this haunted prison.
flaring flesh, from raging flames,
on men with self-inflicted blames.

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