the variable color of human hope

the variable color of human hope


a body born

can not whisper itself

back into earth or sky

cries for a new mother

covered in human silk

the wet pod released

ingested by the giver

borrowed skin

to hold get and give


a body born

sheds many lives

mother holds new hope

father’s fruit earned

spider spins, cop’s baton twirls

hidden cycles, violence’s creed


wolf goes in for the kill

had by want not greed

one mouth to fill

forest for a tree

body for a hand

infinity    for one day


little red riding hood skips her route

today the shortcut stings her inner eye

orders Gran’s meal from Grub-Hub

burns her red cloak on the fire

in her tee shirt and jeans

she starts again from one

no going back


wolf sniffs the air, his fur bristles

a new tale (about to be) told

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