A child
A blessing of an inestimable value
Coming directly from above
From the abode of the Most High
Highly wanted but easily rejected

A child
A gift which neither mortals can provide
A present which the Almighty alone can give
Out of sincere benevolence and generosity
The seed of love, symbol of continuity
Innocent he is, a sign of growth and progress
Which mankind most times tramples upon

Your innocence is felt
Even in the wickedness of the world
So sweet you are, so pure
Yet men make and keep
To the height of fullness
Measures that stand against your arrival

Some say you are unwanted
Others say you are not needed
When will humanity learn
When I say, will mankind understand
To appreciate the gift of a child
So lovely, so dear to the heart

Dear one, your innocence I pray you preserve
Till all men understand your precious value
Your value with no equal in comparison
Nothing is worth your exchange
For you are worth more than pearls
Than the best of jewels
Yet men give you away like you count for nothing.

Written By
Miss Okoye Gosife Janefrances
08132949690, 08034876404

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