Then, You Were Gone

Then, You Were Gone


I once climbed into your bed

Soft white sheets

Cool against my skin


I watched you


Mouthing words

Your lips forming

Silent symbols


I traced my young fingers

Across the long

Black on white



You startled

As my body curled

Next to yours


You inched away


I watched

As your shadow

Absorbed darkness


I didn’t understand death

How it hurts

The drawing in and out

Of life

The blank stare

Into nothingness


I whispered

Into your ear

As I leaned over you

My tears dripped

Into your eyes


I traced my fingers

Across the blue lines

Pulsing at your temples


You had your ways,

Stacks of books

Piled high

On the floor



With old stamps

Stuck between



You had your standards too, such as

Refusing to engage

In such silliness

As arguments about art


Let it be enough

Having seen

The long fingers

Of Lippo Lippi’s Madonna

In prayer

And how it brought back memories –

Of something no longer there


Let others argue


I watched you

Sitting back



The ashes at the end

Of your cigarette


Between your red tipped fingers


Your throne was solid

A place for you to judge

As the hours passed

As the red sky



For a minute

I thought the crooked mound of sheets

Formed by your body

Was your body

What are you looking for?