This is My America



During 911 we united as one

as grief and horror gripped America

Flags flew from  car windows in solidarity

Oklahoma City bombing and Columbine

we grieved and cried together

This was my America


Today rights to guns take violent precedence

over children’s ‘ rights to be safe at school.

No laws just

Let us pray for their souls.

Health care is denied,

Minimum wage not raised in 20 years

billionaire employers  claim


This is my America


Illusions of give me your tired your poor your

huddled masses yearning to be  free

We all bought into the dream

work hard enough you can be rich.

This was the dream of America


This was my America until

I learned of women burnt in the Triangle fire

tiny children working 12 hour days in factories

workers as profit ciphers

not  humans.

Where is my America, land of the free, home of the brave?


Immigrants  fed the illusion

streets were paved with god

sadly finding out streets were paved over bodies

of indigenous children,

graves of slaves and Cherokee

dropped dead on the Trail of Tears

This is my America not in the history books.


Wolves mouths open wide, drooling

snarling vile expletives

smearing feces on the walls of democracy

Congress fleeing in fear

denying it ever happened.

How is this my America?




White wolves with the same mouths open

wide and drooling,

same kind of protest signs

screaming vile expletives

at a small black girl in Little Rock.

Was my America always like this?


In the 1950s, a schoolteacher

could buy a home in Manhattan Beach

raise a family of 10 children

on one income

Schools could have bake sales

classes could have birthday parties

Political parties could disagree

yet still somehow work together.

That is my America


In  the 50s women and those of color

denied certain jobs and education

Gays subjected to mental asylums

No laws against domestic abuse

Mostly white men were the leaders.

This was my America.


when Obama was elected.

My supervisor and I hid in her office

to express our joy quietly.

It hurt to think that was my America.


America is  remembering Tulsa burning,

George Floyd and Breonna Taylor.

about Chauvin sentenced to 22 – 1.2 years.

Manhattan Beach claiming

eminent domain over beach property

owned by a black family

and finally returning it.

America is

I swear to tell the truth. 

first responders of Covid

the firefighter’s daughter found dead

in the Surfside rubble.


Becca  traveling to Standing Rock

on her motorcycle

my cousin Bryan,  traveling

to New Orleans in Hurricane Katrina

rescuing animals.

That is America.

God bless America

God mend thine every flaw.



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